About Sandra

I was born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania. My interest in art was inherited. My mother was an accomplished artist in figure drawing and loved to design gowns, all while being a mother of five. My dad was employed at a local trucking company and dabbled in cartooning. I remembered his cowboy cartoons had a special brand of humor.

It was not long before I was doing my own artwork. It started in grade school and by the age of fourteen I sold my first portrait.

Even though I pursued a career in retail management for years, in my spare time I created hundreds of drawings, mostly portraits. It started with adults and children, then migrated to my love of pets. In between, there have been cartoons, houses, trains and fantasy pieces. If I can see it or imagine it, I can draw it!

I believe that everyone has some sort of creative talent. You have to discover it, develop it and enjoy it. It could be your greatest road to your spirit!

My hope is to bring some pleasure to people through my artwork. To help keep their memories alive and in their heart and maybe get some smiles along the way.