Q. Should I send original photographs?
A. I would send another copy (5x7 or larger is best)

Q. Can I choose the size of the painting?
A. I will do my best to accommodate your vision. Some limitations may arise due to size and clarity of the photo.

Q. Will you send me an update on the progress?
A. Yes. I will do this once I have completed the pre-sketch.

Q. How should I pay you?
A. Usually clients are expected to pay half of the fee when the agreement is made. The remainder would be due upon completion.

Q. Can I use the images on this website or for my own, personal use?
A . The images on my website are copyrighted and may not be duplicated without expressed permission.

Q. Will you sell information from the contact form?
A. No. I will not release your personal information to anyone without your expressed permission